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Last modified: May 16, 2023

Information about which data is collected about you in

All your activities on are logged in order to provide your group/company with traceability, history and statistics of the work performed.

Your data and settings in Account Settings are saved so that the system can use Time Report, send messages in the ways you have chosen and create log files of your work in the system. You can change the information in your account settings at any time. The username cannot be changed. Please contact us if required. and your group/company use the log files to be able to track changes and identify errors that occur in the system.

There are two different log files: Activity Log and History.

You can view the Activity Log yourself on your Account Settings page. The date and time of your activities are saved in the log. If you do not see the activity log and want access to it, contact the person who has the admin rights for your group/company to get that right.

History is saved on the Work Order and on the customer card in the Customer Register. More places where history is collected may be added. Viewing History is a right set with an admin account. Contact whoever has the admin rights for your group/company to get that right.

History saves all activities on a single order such as user ID, time of the activity and the activity itself.

When you leave a company, your user account is deactivated, but the log files remain so that the company can continue to have traceability and a history of orders.

If you do not want your name to remain in the company’s log files, we can anonymize your username. Contact your former employer or us (contact details can be found here) directly and we will arrange it. In order for your former employer to remain traceable, we need to inform your company when we take this action.

Use of Google’s API for synchronizing a Google calendar and the Planner.

The system offers you as a user to synchronize the Planner in with your Google calendar. You do the setting by clicking on your username and in Account Settings click on Synchronize with Google Account.

The data from your Google calendar that is stored in is the date, time and text that is linked to the calendar entry. Others in your group can see the information in the google calendar that you connected.

If you no longer want to use the synchronization, in your Account settings, click on Unlink Google Account. If the connection to the calendar is removed, the information is not removed from our database. The data can be anonymised. Contact us and we will arrange this.

The data from your Google calendar is not shared with third parties.

Use of Google Analytics website uses Google Analytics 4 to collect statistics on visits to the pages. We use the information to develop a more easily accessible site, provide a better experience, see where our visitors come from and which pages they look at.

Read Google’s Privacy Policy here.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions concerning use of