Smart and customizable features

Customize the system according to your needs with tags, custom fields and templates for service points and self-checks.

We build solutions together with our customers

We give you the opportunity to tailor and optimize your system to fit exactly your needs. With functions such as tags, custom fields and templates for service points and self-checks, you can create a flexible and efficient solution that helps you take your business to the next level.

With “models”, you can quickly update all objects of the same model with the push of a button. Materials that must always be used on a model are automatically added to the correct service occasion.

With the option to create your own custom fields, you can collect and save exactly the information that is important to you. It gives you full control over your information and the ability to generate customized reports and analyses.

Tags are a powerful tool for organizing and categorizing your data. You can easily mark objects, customers or work orders with relevant tags and quickly find the information you are looking for. It facilitates handling and streamlines your search process.

Templates for service points, information and self-checks help you standardize your workflows and ensure that nothing important is forgotten. You can easily create professional and uniform forms and checklists that ensure that your work processes are followed in a structured way. It saves time, reduces errors and increases efficiency.

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