Customer handling and Sales

Easily create, follow up and manage orders from purchase to sale. Build long-term customer relationships, gain full control and follow up on cases smoothly.

Maximize the efficiency and success of your customer management and sales

Serviceprotocol.com gives you a powerful tool for creating, managing and following up orders, from quote to sale.

With Serviceprotocol.com, you can easily create customized orders and follow the work smoothly. The intuitive interface makes it easy to manage and update order information, while you have a full overview of assignments and actions.

The system gives you the opportunity to collect customer information, track previous purchases and communicate directly with your customers. Invite your customers to follow the work, post comments, see protocols and what has been done on an object or facility, post error reports, update their own information, etc. Customer users are included in the license.

Serviceprotocol.com is not just a customer management platform, it is a partner that helps you take your sales to the next level. With quotes, contracts and the sales functions, you can streamline the entire process and ensure faster business closure. You can collect and analyze important sales data and generate reports to make informed decisions.

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