service and order handling

Make your service administration easy. The Service System helps you keep track of everything from service objects to invoicing.

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For service technicians by service technicians

OO ServiceSystem is created by a bunch of service technicians, who under a long time have molded a system that not only works great, but is also easy to understand and use.

Cost efficient

Ease of administration through automation.


Increase amount of invoiced time with a better overview.


The Service System is invoiced on an open account basis.

Advanced service calculations

The Service System automatically calculates when it’s time for service by carefully keeping track of the machines current and previous run times, so that you never forget to perform maintenance.

Simple and flexible

By being a web-based system, the Service System is easy to access from wherever you are. This also makes it platform-independent and can be used on the device you prefer, be it mobile, tablet, laptop or stationary.

No installations

Forget installations, updates and backups, we’ll do it all for you. The data is stored securely on our servers and updates are performed automatically.


From registers to invoicing, the Service System is integrated all the way. Upload your registers and get invoices sent directly to your accounting program.

Invite your customers

Create better relations with your customers by inviting them to view selected information about their objects, work orders, service orders and to update their contact information.

Wide database of models

Get access to the Service Systems wide database of models. Add new and old models easily.


By gathering and working with your information on the same platform you can easily trace what you have done, what you need to do and what’s planned ahead.

50€/month and user
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