Planning and communication

Optimize your team with simple resource scheduler, time report and chat.

Optimize your team with digital communication

With our simple resource planner, you can quickly distribute tasks and ensure that the right resources are available at the right time.

Our calendar function and resource planner give you an overview of available resources, making it easier to plan and organize your workload. By easily assigning tasks and scheduling activities, you can maximize productivity and avoid overload or overlap. You can also easily adjust the planning if necessary and make sure that no important task is forgotten.

In the Planner there is also a module for you that offers rental and the possibility to plan the use and booking of e.g. special tools and cars.

In the To Do list, you see the day’s work, can take out lists of materials to take with you on the missions and plan the route.

With our time reporting, your team can easily record hours worked and activities for accurate time tracking and invoicing. Information about time worked, travel time, etc. from orders is automatically downloaded to the time report. By having all time information gathered in one place, it becomes easy to generate reports and analyze team productivity.

Communication between your team becomes smoother and more efficient through our chat function. Whether it’s to share important information, discuss project tasks or reconcile status, you can do it directly in the system. It eliminates the need to use separate communication tools and minimizes the risk of misunderstandings or delays.

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