The History of

OO Software AB was founded in 2014 to create a service management system that would be:

  • Easy to use
  • Economically

  • Platform independent

The system was created by Robin Dorbell, programmer and Börje Kroon, service technician with extensive experience of service work as an employee and as an entrepreneur.


Many service companies manage service documents manually or in different systems that did not always work together. Börje’s company Hedström & Kroon also worked with various solutions that took time and were complicated. He therefore began to look for a service system that could handle the whole. A system where everything is gathered, easy to use for field service technicians and that the customer can easily participate in. When he did not find anything that met the company’s needs, the idea of ​​creating his own system emerged.

Börje is active in Borås Glider club. One day he stepped into the clubhouse and asked straight out if anyone knew a programmer who could possibly help develop the system he and the company needed. On the couch sat Robin Dorbell, who had just trained as a system developer, and so the work began. Börje and Robin’s company was named OO Software AB and was registered on March 26, 2014. The system itself was named Serviceprotokoll.

Since 2014, has developed enormously and has users in many different service sectors. The system is suitable for both the large company and the sole proprietor. We continue to develop the system together with our customers, based on their needs and our ideas.

Today (2024), we have 7 employees. Robin is still working on developing the system and Börje is our trainer and often answers when you call support.