Get your quotes digitally signed!

Just email your quotes to your customer to get a approval and digitally signed by the customer. The customer only clicks on an encrypted link and then signs.
Setting of admin required!

Read more about remote signing.

Design changes on Quotation

We’ve given the Quotation feature a slight design lift and expanded functionality. And more to come.

Among other things, you can now see when, to whom and who sent a quote. We took the opportunity to add this function to Work Orders and Service Protocols as well. Good, right?

Read more about Quotation


Alimak Group
Logo Alimak Group

Alimak Group – user and co-owner

We welcome the Alimak Group both as a co-owner of and as a user of our system.

Alimak designs and manufactures industry-leading solutions for vertical transport.

With the collaboration with Alimak Group, we are taking the step into the international service market. Alimak Group has technicians all over the world and the first to use our system outside of Sweden will be Australia and Spain.

Visit Alimak Group

New article? Add it quickly to the register.

Is the article not yet in your article register when you want to add it to an order, quote or customer card?

The system now helps you to quickly add the article. Just fill in the article number, description and price directly in the popup.

Read more about Article Register.


Save search filters as Favorites!

Tired of changing your search filter all the time? Create Favorites instead!

You can create as many favorites as you want and have room for.

You can create favorites in all places where there is a Save settings button – To do, Work order, Service order…

Read more about Favorite filters

Integration with Soft One and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We now offer integration with two more business systems – SoftOne and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly called “Navision”).

Available integrations can be found under Group settings – Add Integration logged into with your admin account

Development of Customer Register

Long-awaited and now it’s fixed – the ability to sort and filter in the customer register via the detailed list view.

We have also added History on customer cards. Viewing history is a user permission. If you do not have that permission, ask whoever has access to your admin account to set it up. The permission setting is found under Other on the user permission setting page. 

Transfer of module and user permissions

You can now control some user permissions and module settings that were previously set by us. The change does not require any action from you as a customer, all your selected settings are transferred automatically.

The advantage is that you yourself, with your admin account, can activate more modules by setting user permissions.

The modules you still must contact us to activate are: Service (changes the license cost), Leak detection, Klink and Statistics.

Document, analyze and reduce the cost of leaks

Do you service compressed air systems? Then use our Leak Detection module to document leaks. In the module there is an analysis tool where you can quickly see how much the leak cost in money, kWh and in leaked CO², among other things.

Contact us if you want to use Leak Detection and we will activate the module.

Now the time for the booking is displayed!

To Do-, Work Orders– and Service Order Lists and Order Register  ;now shows the status BOOKED and booked time instead of year.

The exception is if the booking is set to start at 00:00 then the continuing year is shown.


Occasionally we have time for a classic Swedish Fika and at the same time make plans for an exciting autumn!

News in brief

Contact order: Sorted by planned date instead of created date.

Time report: If there is unsaved time on an order, it is added to the time report when loading.

Quote: Added option to send the quote directly from the quote by email.

Sales order: The list view shows net, total and TB.

Service Protocol: Change information about the service object by clicking on the pencil icon and a shortcut will open to change and add information about the object.

This is from a Work Order but the Comment field on a Service Order works exactly in the same way.

Comment field on Service orders

Now there is a comment field on service orders and service records, just like what you are already used to on work orders.

The comments can be changed or deleted, shown to the customer or only internally.

You know you can also let your customer users write and reply to comments on “their” orders? Assigned technician receives a notification when a comment is entered by the customer.

Read more about service orders / Read more about comments

Clone service object

Clone service object – new user permission to set

You can choose which users in your group should have the permission to clone a service object.

To set this permission, you need to log in with your admin account, select the employee who should have this permission and click on Edit permission. Under the heading Service object, you will find the Clone button.

Read more about Service Objects

Joel Larsson

Joel back at 100%

Now little Malte has started preschool and our salesman Joel is back full time.

Book a meeting and he will tell you about the advantages of using and show how the system works.

You reach Joel at phone +4633 323 31 33 or e-mail


Send work order when ready to invoice, popup

E-mail /Text messages contains several different ways to send message to customers – booking confirmation, order confirmation, protocol, messages to and from customers directly in an order etc. as well as messages within your group.

It is now also possible to send text message.

See the new documentation page to learn more.


Free mark as Completed in Time Report

Frustrated that a time report cannot be marked Completed because distributed hours do not correspond to entered working hours? We fixed a new setting you can test. The setting enables you to mark completed even if the reported hours are not corresponding with your working hours set in the User settings. 

Do this:

  • Log in with your admin account.
  • Under Module Settings, click Edit Time Report Settings.
  • Under View Settings, click Free mark as completed.

Better control of booking confirmations

Handling booking confirmations on orders has become easier. Now you see when a booking confirmation has been sent to the contact person on the order, if the booking has changed after the confirmation has been sent and can send directly from the detail view of an order.

In the booking confirmation, we have also added the order number.

What assignment am I on?

To make it a little clearer where you are in an order, we added an information box at the top that indicates which assignment you are on (the service object + the description of the assignment). If you click on the box, you will reach the top of the assignment.

The box is only available in mobile.

Link an agreement to rental

Renting is still under development and new features are added now and then. The newest is the possibility to add a contract or a sales order to a booked rental.

Click on the booking and select what you want to create. The item, customer and date are filled in automatically in the created order or agreement.

Read more in the documentation


The heading “This customer is invoiced” and a list of orders are added on the customer card.

When you want to take out a picking list for several orders, enter order numbers separated by a semicolon without spaces. Ex 6712;6713;6721.

The map of a customer’s service object centers on the first object in the list of objects on the customer.

Without opening an order, you can now enter Error / Cause by clicking + Add Error / Cause.

​​​​On To do, Work order and Service we added the category Signed on detailed overview. Select list view and click on Category to choose to display a column with Signed Yes / No.


Meet us at the Smart Maintenance Fair

Meet us at Maintenance Fair and Marketplace (Underhållsmässan) in Gothenburg

May 31 to June 3 you will find us in stand A04:32 at the Maintenance Trade Fair.

Welcome to visit us! Find your free admission ticket HERE.

Example of comments made by customer user. In the example the user name is erased due to security reasons.

Customer user: New permission setting and layout

A new permission for customer users has been added: Show gross prices.
To set the permission to a customer, do the following:

  • – find the customer.
  • – click on the customer user’s email.
  • – select Edit permissions.
  • – under Pricing – select Show gross prices.

In addition, a customer user can now write their own and respond to comments on “their” orders. Assigned technicians receive a notification when a comment is posted by the customer.

Very old house and the service car from Besiktningsbolaget in front.

That is why Besiktningsbolaget chose

“We have long been looking for a way to structure the service of the dehumidifiers that we have installed at customers’ premises, for example in crawl spaces. By chance we found and realized that the service could help us with everything from structuring, planning and service protocols.”

Gustaf Björkman, SBR Civil Engineer at Besiktningsbolaget

News in short

It is now possible to specify counters on the Group’s models. Read more in the Documentation.

From the Planner / Rental, you can create an agreement or purchase order directly on a booking. Read more in the Documentation.

In list views, you can choose to sort by category Earnings.

When you have created a quote and from it generates a sales order, a printable delivery note is also created. Terms etc. from the offer are automatically included in the delivery note.

Storage. Search for comment possible.

Customer register. Map showing the customer’s facilities added. Remember to allow Location Services in your browser.


Tobias Davidov

Meet our new coworker – Tobias

Tobias Davidov has extensive experience in digital marketing in a number of different roles and industries. With us, he works mainly with sales but also marketing.

Most of his free time is devoted to the family and children Elliot and Vilgot, otherwise he likes to work practically, likes to do carpentry at home or rebuild motorcycles.
mobile: 0706 69 43 00

Choose the landing page.

New features in your account settings

Choose which home page you want

Under your account settings (click on your name when you are logged in) you will now find a list where you choose which your home page should be when you log in to

By default, your homepage is To Do and if you choose not to use To Do, it will be Work Order.

If you are part of several groups, you can select the start page for each individual group. Admin accounts will continue to Group Settings.

Email copy to yourself

When you send mail from the system, the reply to address always becomes your e-mail address. If you want a copy for yourself, set it in your account settings.

Read more about My account

Set the order point for stock items

Now you can set so you get a signal when it’s time to order more of a stock item. When the value is below, the stock item is marked in red.

At the bottom of an Inventory list, you will find the Order Defective button, which creates a purchase order with the missing items.

To the User Manual concerning Storage

News in short

Customer comments

The customer user can write and respond to comments. As usual, only the person who wrote the comment or an administrator can delete the comment. The person who is assigned the order will receive an email that a comment has been added.
How to add a customer account.

New search options

You can now search by contact person and email address in the Customer Register.

Menu problem?

Do you also have problems with the drop-down menus when using the Iphone? Now Joel has figured out how to solve it. See the Fix & trix page for instructions. The page is currently only available in Swedish.

Pick list

Rasmus has cleaned the picking list / order list (pdf) a bit. More design changes to ALL prints are on the way.


Upload documents for Service Objects via the Service Order.

Now you can see and upload documents and pictures for a Service Object on a Service Order.

The Service Object files you upload to a Service Order will automatically be added to the Service Object’s documentation in the Service Object Register.

News in short

Generate Sales Order

Now you can generate a Sales Order from an Offer.

Working hours on bookings

The user’s working hours are filled in automatically when you make a new booking for a user.

Filter by Custom Status

We added so you can filter your searches among Service Orders on your Custom status.

Date on each article line

The Service Protocol now shows the Added Date for each item just like in a Work Order.

New user permission to set

It is now possible to choose who can see and change in bookings on a work order.

  • Log in with your admin account.
  • Under Group Settings – Permissions for users, click the user who should have these rights and choose Edit permission.
  • Scroll down to the WORK ORDER heading.
  • Click View Bookings and Handle Bookings.
  • Save.


This is what the latest Service Order for a Piper PA28-181 Archer III – SE-LOE- looks like. Sorry, only in Swedish.

Can an Aero Club use

Borås Flygklubb (BFK) is one of our slightly more unusual users of We asked Pelle Ålander, a member of BFK, about how the club uses the system.

– I use the system to follow up on the work on air safety directives from EASA and FAA (AD) and Manufacturers Service Bulletins (SB ) and manual editions. I add the latest version which then pops up in the next service.

We run everything every quarter and all AD / SB every month.
The system makes it easy to assign to someone else, if you can not or are away.

The plan from the beginning was to add service to our aircraft in the system, but as it looks today, our members would rather have it manually. Maybe it will be in the future.”

Purchase order fix

Purchase orders can now be ready-marked “Set as ready” and as sent “Set as sent“.

The colors in list mode change and show the current status, just like for other orders. Green for created, orange for started and dark blue for finished. 

News in Storage

You can now export inventory lists in a storage and transaction history.

Click the Download icon. Inside a warehouse it is black. In the Transaction History it is blue.

At the bottom, inside a layer, you will now also find the Migrate button. With it, you move (make a delivery) quickly and easily all goods from one storage to another.

Updated logo and design

Even a good website can be better. Therefore, we have tweaked the design a bit to make the page even a little more accessible. Hope you like the changes!

We skipped OO Software in the new logo. But it is still OO Software AB that owns and developed



Due to the restrictions imposed on January 19, Underhållsmässan, Europe´s leading Maintenance Trade Fair, has decided to change the date. The new date for the fair will be May 31 – June 3, 2022.

You will find in booth A04: 32 (OO Software AB)

Development of the Storage function

With the help of our customers, we have now developed the Storage function. Thanks for the help!

The development involves some new user settings. Sign in with your admin account and go to the User Preferences for your employees. Under the heading Storage you’ll find new setting options:

  • Create Inbound and Outbound Delivery.
  • Use non-standard storage.
    (By default, a user can only deliver from and to their default storage.)
  • Show remaining articles during inventory
    (Use in an inventory if a user needs to see items that have not yet been inventoried.)
Inventory value

We’ve added a inventory value field to the items in the inventory, as well as a summary of the inventory value to facilitate your posting.

Inventory value exists for & nbsp; all & nbsp; your inventories, not just the main inventory. This means that you quickly see the stock value of the stock, for example in a technician’s car.

Delivery from Purchase order

You can also Create Delivery to any storage directly from a Purchase Order.

Read more about Storage

Support page


In order for you to get support from us faster and easier, we have set up a Support page. There you will find the User Manual for our system, a search function, contact information and a FAQ.

To the Support page

Kompressorteknik ML AB chose!

Kompressorteknik ML AB services and repairs compressors, fans and pumps. Their focus is mainly on biogas and brewing operations. Kompressorteknik ML AB buys used compressors which they renovate and rent out or sell. Customers are located throughout Scandinavia.

We asked some questions to Magnus Elnertz , CEO of Kompressorteknik ML AB

Why did you choose
The first hit on Google, too lazy to look further. ☺️
I met Börje (Kroon) at a trade fair about a year ago where he presented his idea. Then I think it’s been in the back of my mind.

What do you like best about our system?
What we mainly looked for when we chose service protocols was to get a system with machine history to be able to follow up what has been done on each customer and machine.
Great that the system itself also creates the next service based on operating hours.
Really good to be able to invite customers in the system so they can see history and what is booked.

Do you order from Crown?

Now we’ve fixed so delivery notes and invoices from Crown go directly into Fortnox.

See all suppliers to which we have an EDI connection