With the planner, orders can be easily assigned to your technicians.

The calender provides a quick overview of who is busy or available for emergency work. The calender is easily connected to other calendars, both on the phone and in your other devices

Example of the weekly view in the planner for a fictive company. At the bottom, the resources (employees) are listed and you can choose to see one or more of the resources. The employees can also be grouped according to your needs.

In the planner you also see working groups and can choose to see the bookings for an individual employee.

By opening the Resource function, you see all current work and service orders and can easily assign a job to a selected employee by dragging and dropping the order.

Absence, as sick or parental leave, can also be entered here, and then automatically added to the time report.

The system is color-coded so you quickly can see the status of an order.

Red – missed order, a booking that has expired
Orange – initiated
Green – scheduled/booked on a future date
Purple – ready for invoicing
Blue – executed / invoiced

The administrator can set different colors on employees to easily see who has been assigned an order. The default color is blue.

Example from the resource function in the planner. In this view, you can easily assign orders to employees and get full control of what the day’s or month’s work.

Using the Resource view, you can search for orders through a variety of filters, as you can see in the right panel in this image.