Order comments

You can add comments to a work or service order. The comments can be changed or deleted, displayed to the customer or only internally.

You can add a comment in two ways.

In the list view: Click on the speech bubble on the right of a work order.

In an open work order: Click on +Add comment in the Comment Section.

Image 1: Work order list view on mobile device. The speech bubble symbol marked 2 indicates there are two comments on this WO. By clicking the symbol you can view and edit the comments – see Image 3.
Image 2: Comment Section on desktop.

Edit comment

Click on the pen symbol to change or delete comments. Don’t forget to Save by clicking the Save button just below the comment field.

Who can view the comments?

Comments are displayed by default to the customer. If you want the customer to see the comments, you can change it after saving the order by unchecking Internal Comment.

The text (displayed to customer) will then appear after your name in the comments field. See example in the screenshot below.

Image 3. This is what it looks like when you click on the “speech bubble” for an AO or SO in the detailed list of orders. All comments are displayed and by clicking on the pencil symbol you can change the comment without opening the order.