Using QR-code and barcode

Image 1

When you add a new service object, a QR code is automatically created for the service object.

The same applies to articles in the article register. For articles, you can also create barcodes.

Print the QR code and / or barcode and paste it on the service object or the article. QR code and barcode can be printed on the same label as desired.

When you make a delivery in Storage, you can print barcodes or QR code directly.

By scanning the code, with the camera in your mobile or webcam connected to your computer, you can:

  • be linked directly to the information about the service object.
  • add a service item to a service order by clicking Add Service Item and scanning the code. All information about the item is then retrieved to the order.
  • create a new work order and add tasks by scanning the QR code on an existing service object. All information about the item is then retrieved to the order.
  • linked to or add items to an order.
    • If you read the code on the article and are signed in to the system, you will come to the article in the article register.
    • If you have opened an order while scanning, the item you scanned is added to the order.

Print QR code to a service object
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Image 2.

  1. Go to Register – Service object.
  2. Click on the function symbol (Figure 2). A list of all objects is created based on your search selection settings. You will find the list at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you want your logo or the group’s logo on the labels, check the box Show group logo.
  4. Select which objects you want to print labels for. The list can be sorted in a variety of ways to facilitate selection.
  5. You can set the label size manually or select the default label printer settings. (See Image 3)
  6. Click Save and a pdf is created that you use for printing. If you are not happy with the format, try changing the settings until it matches your labels and settings for your printer.
Image 3: Print settings

Print from the Article Register
  1. Go to Function Register – Article register.
  2. Click on the collection function symbol (Image 2).
  3. Use the search function to find the article you want to print a label for. Otherwise, the list of articles will be long and take time to load :).
  4. In the article list (at the bottom of the page), select which articles you want to print labels for.
  5. Choose which default code to use. Read more about standards below.
  6. Click Save. A pdf is created which you then use for printing. If you are not happy with the format, try changing the settings until it matches your labels and settings for your printer.


Barcodes use different standards – UPC, EAN, etc. To see which standard you can print in, you can test by typing an article number in the Enter a test value field. Barcodes that do not support your item number / name will be marked in red.

Which standards are displayed depends on which settings you have made in scannable barcode formats in the Module settings – Article settings. See more info under Information for administrators below.

Alternate print function

You can also click on the print symbol on an individual service object or article (see image 1) to print, but then you can not make any print settings.

If you want your company logo in the printout, the setting is made in the Group settings – Module settings – Edit Print settings. Requires the admin account.

Information for administrators

Sign in with your admin account to set module permissions and settings.

Permissions linked to QR and barcodes:
  • Select Scannable Barcode Format in Module Settings – Edit Article Settings.
    This affects which barcode formats you see and can select in the print function for articles.
  • Select whether you want to include the logo on label printing for an individual service object (see Image 1).
    You set this in the Module settings – Edit Print settings.


QR verification is used to verify that a technician has been at the site of the service object. The technician scans the QR code on the object and information about time, technician and location is saved. The QR symbol on the service object in the system then changes color from red to green to indicate that the verification has been performed.

To enable this, special settings are required. Admin permissions are required to view the saved data. This feature is not currently in use. If you are interested in the function, please contact us.

User right for QR VERIFICATION

If checked, users can enable and disable a QR code.

The technician can use the function.