Symbol för uppdatering - två pilar i cirkel

Updates to the system that may be useful for you users to know. Under News and via our newsletter you can also read about the ongoing development of the system.


  • Work order: Added mandatory self check selection to group settings/work order settings
  • Article register: Added Article group edit in collection functions.
  • Work order: Added service object agreements in details.
  • Fault report: Added detailed list mode.
  • To Do and Service objects: Updated map functions


  • Planner/Time report: Set the value for Other type in the planner by choosing a time report type in the Planner settings under Other type.


  • Account settings: set which type of notifications you want from the system.
  • WorkOrder: Total articles + working time in the detail view and printout.


  • Service order: Added new symbol and choice for components – Not applicable.
  • Group settings: User permission templates are now listed at Group settings page. Changes in a template are made from here.
  • Login: Added so that returnUrl can send you directly to that URL if you have access on one of your associations
  • Storage settings: Set Reservation offset (days). 
  • ServiceObject: Added in export/import-function number of service to generate
  • ServiceObject: When adding a new order from the service object the person of contact will be added to the order.


  • Service Object: Added so that file attachments from the model is now shown on the service object.
  • Purchase Order: Added History
  • Service Object: Added History
  • Storage Transaction: Added displays for TransactionDate and Pending
  • Customer: Added to History uploaded file date and by who.
  • Work Order: Added subgroup filter to big customer search window.
  • SalesOrder: Added generate invoice PDF. Only groups with no integration.
  • Customer: Child object shows in collapsable facility/service object lists
  • ServiceObject: Import lat/long possible via xls-file


  • ToDo. Change supplier in the “pick list”. Now the supplier is displayed even if you did not set it as the main supplier. If there are several suppliers on an article and no one is set as the main supplier, the one listed at the top is displayed.
  • Chat notification now works again.
  • Planner: On-mouse-over shows Booked by nn date. This is also shown in the pop-up window when you make a booking.
  • Sales orders have received a new field for Delivery date.
  • Work order: New setting option in Work order settings: “Require self checks to be completed before signing order”
  • Service protocol: A self-check cannot be signed if it contains unapproved items.
  • The planner: The sorting of resources is now the same as you specified in the Module settings/Workgroup settings.
  • Quotation– Added PDF attachments