With the timer function you can easily register and keep track of travel time, working hours and driven distance for different orders. Start the clock and let it do the math!

As soon as you start a timer, it is shown by a red exclamation mark together with the timer symbol. The number above the exclamation mark shows how many Unfinished timers you have. An Unfinished timer is not yet linked to an order. Read how to do it under Link a timer to an order.

You will see the timer symbol in the upper right corner (on a computer).

Here’s how to view the timer on a mobile device.

Click on the “window” with the four boxes and the menu will unfold.

Click on the timer symbol to quickly register driven distans and clock your working hours. A new tab folds out.

For travel
  1. Enter the meter reading when you start your journey.
  2. Click Start trip.
  3. Upon arrival fill in the current meter reading. The end meter position will then be filled in at the start of the next trip.
  4. Click on Finish trip.

For work
  1. Click Start Work.
  2. When done, click Finish Work.

If you want to delete a trip or working time for any reason, click on the red cross. The ones you deleted will remain on the list of all hours with listing Deleted.

To see all timers and notes, click on the text Finish timers at the bottom om the list of Timers. Here you can also change times and kilometers if it is not linked to an order. You also see to which order the timer is applied to.

  1. Open the order (service or work order) by clicking Edit.
  2. Open the Timer.
  3. Select the timer – working hours / kilometers – that apply to the executed order and it will open a pop-up window.
  4. Click Yes. A new pop-up window opens.
  5. Choose where to apply the timer.
  6. Click Yes.
Choose which assignment the timer shall apply to. Here you also see the option Other. Which options you see depends on your settings for work order.

The data falls, by default, under the heading Articles. With an administrator account, you can set the working hours / kilometers to be inserted under the heading Time instead.

Your administrator can change which items are used for travel time, working hours and mileage allowance. Read more under Module settings – Edit Timer settings.