Time report

In the Time Report, you see and add your time worked. Time report can be found under the Function menu. If you do not see it, you have not been granted the permission to or do not need to use the time report function.

The system itself can report time from orders. If this has been set for your group, you do not need to add anything to the time report.

The time report retrieves times from orders, if the item (work or travel time items – eg working time, travel time, fixed service cost…) in the Article Register is registered as Transport to time report.

Changes can be made by clicking on the day you want to change the time for. If you marked the box Completed changes kan only be made by an admin.

To enter working hours, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the day
  2. Click on + Add row
  3. Fill in:
    1. a description of the work. Choose from suggestions * or write in clear text.
    2. number of hours and time report type **. Normal is default. Click in the field and a list with more choices will appear.
    3. time the work has been performed
    4. any comments
    5. Repeat 1 – 4 until ready for the day

When ready for the day, click on Completed. After clicking Completed only a admin can edit the report of the day.

BUT – there are two different Time report module settings that can be made for clear CompletedFree marks as completed or not. If you do not have “free marks”, a time report cannot be marked as completes if the time entered does not correspond to the specified working hours. See more under See Information for Administrators.

The time report can be printed (Print), exported (Export) to Excel or the accounting system Visma for those who use that system.

If there is unsaved time on an order, it is added to the time report when loading.

If changes of working time are made on a order, note this:

When you change the time in an order, the time report will not be updated with the new times. To retrieve the new times, you need to delete the old order in your time report and then click Save. The new times will then be added to the report.

Example of a time report with the different preset colors.
Image: Example of a time report with the different preset colors.

Description of the colors
  • Blue frame in open day – not saved
  • Green frame, saved, worked time corresponds to entered working time
  • Orange frame – the times do not match the entered working hours, overtime entered
  • Red frame – the times do not match the working hours, too few hours reported

Red information text does not have to mean that something is wrong, but is a signal that times do not match between the order, time report and the user’s working hours. Either you change the time report or you save. The day can not be marked Completed, but the time report can always be certified.

If you have the Time report setting Free marks as Completed, the information text about the difference in time is black instead and the day can be cleared even if the times do not match. (Admin-setting)

A day marked Completed is marked with a tick in the right corner.

To change the colors within the frames and description suggestions, user rights are needed. See more under Information for administrators.


To simplify and speed up the registration of your work, you can add description suggestions for tasks by clicking on Edit suggestions at the bottom of the time report page. Click + Add suggestions.

Do you want to change the order of the proposals? Hold the mouse pointer over the three dots. Drag and drop the field where you want it. (Computer only.)

When adding a row you can choose from these suggestions to describe your work. Click + Add row, place the cursor in the field and you will see all your suggestions.

**Time report types
The types (e.g. care of sick child, over time, travelling time…) has different colors. Do you want to choose other colors than the preset do this:

  1. Click Edit types in the bottom of the page. 
  2. Click on the color field for the type to change. Drag the color markers to the desired color or enter an RBG code.
  3. Click Save.

Here you also set the time codes you want to use for time worked, holidays, illness and so on.

Time report can be used to invoice, for example, external resources or report overtime. Print the report (from Print as pdf or Export as excel) to create a documentation.


For supervisors

Click Attest to approve the time report.

If the time report is saved / attested, that line will not be retrieved again. This means that it is possible to change the time on an order without changing the time report. If you regret a certification, click on the day. A box with a signature appears. Click Clear Signature. This requires the user right – Clear signatures.

It also means that if a time is changed on an order that is to be included in the time report, you need to update the time in the time report. To do this, delete the changed order and click save. Then the system automatically retrieves the new times from the current order.

To delete a Completed mark, click the Completed mark box and then click save.

Via a admin account, you can set that clear Completed can be done even if the time entered does not correspond to the reported time.

Do you want to change the time report or report for another user?
This requires you to have the user permission to View All and Edit All. The permission is set with your admin account. See Information for administrators below.

How to edit time report:

  1. Click on the name at the top of the time report. A menu with all the people in the group unfolds.
  2. Click on the person for whom you want to view or edit time report.

To change the user viewed in the time report click on the user name.
Image: To change the user viewed in the time report click on the user name.
Information for administrators

Also read: Group and module settings – Edit time report settings  and Group and module settings – Permission for users – Manage user permission.

Edit time report settings:

  • Enter description suggestions for time reports (this can also be done on the Time Report page).
  • Choose Free mark as Completed, which means that you can clear the mark Completed even if the time worked from orders does not correspond to the specified working time. Without Free Mark as Completed, you will get a warning text stating that the times do not match and it is not possible to clear Completed before this has been corrected.
  • set whether orders can be excluded from the time summary.

User permissions concerning Time report

Under Edit permissions for a user you set, among other things, whether the user should have the permission to use the time report function and be able to edit time report types.

 View, View all, Edit, Edit all, Attest, View order rows when sum is excluded, Edit types list, Export