Sales Order

A Sales order (SA) can be created in several ways:

  • by entering Perform > Sales order in the meny and click on the +sign.
  • from a customer record in the Customer register.
  • through the agreement with the customer.
Here we are in an Agreement. At the bottom is the Generate Sales Order button.
Here we are at a customer record in the Customer register. At the bottom you find the button Add a new sales order.

Search Sales orders 

Click this button to filter your search.
Example: select those assigned to you, delimit by date etc.


You can scroll through sales orders, partly by clicking on an order in the list, and partly by scrolling with the arrows in the upper right corner inside an order.

If you used a filter for your search among orders, scroll through that selection.

Image 1: View settings
Image 2: +sign
Sort the list

You can sort the orders in the list. Do this:

  1. Click on the right part of the symbol (Image 1: View setting).
  2. Click on the small plus sign (Image 2) to the right of the list.
  3. Select categories to be visible.

If you want to change the order, drag and drop the categories where you want them.

To delete a category, drag the category to the + sign (the same one you clicked to add) and drop the category there.

Here we go through the different fields in the order they are when you create a sales order.
Sub group

If you use the subgroups function, select which subgroup to link to the sales order.

Have you added custom fields for a subgroup, those fields will be automatically added to the sales order.


Enter the customer’s name in the box. The search function (click on the magnifying glass) helps you to find the right existing customers. If the customer is not on the list, write the customer’s name. You will then be asked if you want to add the customer. Answer yes and the customer will be added automatically. If you want to directly fill in more information about the customer, click on + Add customer. A new tab in your browser opens where you can fill in all the information in your Customer Register.
The field is mandatory.


Write the customer’s facility name. The search function (click on the magnifying glass) helps you to locate existing facilities. If the facility is not included in the list, enter the name of the facility. You will then be asked if you want to add the facility. Answer yes and the facility will be added automatically.
If you want to fill in more information than just the name of the facility, click on + Add facility and a new tab will open in your browser. Fill in the information in your Facility Register. Save the information, close the window and return to the first tab.
If the billing address differs from the address of the service object, a facility must be selected or added.

Service object

Service items entered on the customer in the Customer register appear when you place the cursor in the box.

If the service object is not in the list, you can add it by clicking + Add a new service object.


Select a name from the list. Everyone in your group is on the list.

Person of contact / customer

Here you can either search for contact persons / customers for the customer / facility or add a new contact person / customer. The information is saved so you can quickly search for it next time.


Status is displayed in the list of sales orders.

If you do not enter anything here, the system automatically selects status = Received when you create a new sales order. When you then click on Ready for invoicing and Invoiced, the status also changes.

You can choose to enter any other expression for status. Your self-selected expression remains even if you click on Ready for invoicing and Invoiced. You have to go in and change yourself. However, the system sorts a sales order as invoiced when you click on Mark as invoiced, ie the order is placed last in the list of SA.

If you create a sales order via Agreement, the current agreement period will be visible as status and the field Generated from indicates the name of the agreement. This status is also displayed when you click Edit.

Cost center

If further information regarding the cost center needs to be included on the invoice, it can be stated here.

Customer’s order number

Here you enter the customer’s order number if applicable.


Here you add articles. Search among Latest articles or in the Article register.


Once you have saved the order, you can choose to:

  • set as Ready for invoicing. In step 2, ie when you have selected Ready for invoicing, the options will highlight Mark as invoiced and Send order to accounting software (if you have one connected to the system).

You can also (if you have that user permission):

  • edit
  • assign order to technician
  • upload documents
  • generate invoice as pdf. Applies to groups that do not have integration with business systems.

Information to administrators

Module settings concerning Sales order.

  • Show invoiced to 
  • Show customer comment on order

User permissions concerning Sales order. 

View, View assigned, Edit, Edit assigned, Create, Delete, Invoice, Assign, Assign to self, Remove uploaded file