Here we give tips on the different settings for your prints that can be made and where to make the settings in the system. All settings are made by signing in with your admin account. When you sign in, you always end up on the Group Settings page. If you are already logged in as admin but not on the Group Settings page, click on the group name in the upper left corner.

Settings you make for head and footer affect all your prints.

In the picture below we have drawn rings and numbers in a service protocol print-out.

Green circle

These settings (logo and address) are made in Group settings.
The name of the group/your company is also retrieved from Group settings.

Digit 3: Click Upload group logo to add your logo in print-outs. This will apply on all pages in the app/webpage as well as in all print-outs.

Digit 4: Click Edit at the bottom of the page to add or edit the address.

Orange circle

Digit 5: These settings are made in Module settings – Print settings by checking the box Show Footer and fill in the information you want to include in the footer.

Blue circle

The settings especially for printing of service protocols are made in Module settings – Service protocol settings.

Digit 1: go to Print settings.
In the image below, we have checked all the settings. By default, the customer’s order number and cost center are displayed further down the page.

Digit 2: go to Header.