Fault report

Fault report can be found under the menu Execute but also inside a service object, at the bottom, after the Add button.

To create an fault report:

Option 1:

  1. Go to Execute > Fault Report
  2. Click the + sign.

Option 2:

  1. Go to Service > Service object.
  2. Find the service object the fault report applies to.

The rest applies to both options. But in alternative 2, you get information about the service object automatically in the fault report.

  • Fill in the details.
    If necessary, upload a photo of the facility / fault or other documentation that facilitates the assessment of the fault.

    Good to know: If you use a mobile phone to take photos as attached documents, the photo will be sent directly to the order. They are not saved automatically on your mobile.
  • Save the fault report.

Now you can (depending on your user permissions) click Assign and Assign a Resource Fault Report. A notification (e-mail or text message) then goes to the assigned technician / resource that a fault report is awaiting action.

Or click on Generate a work order.
The fault report then will become the basis for a new Work-order.

Let the customer make a fault report themselves

You can give the customer the permission to enter fault reports directly into the system. Then the customer can follow what happens with the fault report – both the current and any previous one. Read more about how to create accounts for customer under Add sign in for customer.

Information to administrators

Log in with your admin account.

Under Group settings you will find Edit fault report settings.

Here you can set:
  • Time to Reminder (Hours)
    Specify the time period for when the fault report reminder will be sent to the assigned technician.
  • Create custom status fields specifically tailored for your company’s/group’s needs. The fields are free text fields and you can create as many statuses as needed.
Access Edit fault report settings to create Custom statuses.

User permissions concerning Fault Report

View, Create, Edit, Delete, Convert to Work Order, Remove Uploaded Files

Integrate fault reporting on your own web site

Option 1 – FaultReport integration:

  1. Contact us to get documentation.
  2. Sign in with your admin account.
  3. Go to Group settings.
  4. Click Add Integration (bottom of page).
  5. Select FaultReport. Fill in the key provided by us.

Option 2 – add a link on your website:

It is, of course, also possible to simply link to Serviceprotocol.com to sign in here. If you want your logo on the sign in page, contact us and we will fix it.

This is what it looks like, for example, on the company Aveios sign in box.