Create custom fields in Work order, Facility and Customer

As an administrator, you can add your own fields for Work Orders, Customer and Plant. In this way, you adapt the to your specific needs.

You can also add content suggestions in the field. In this way you get a formalization of expressions that are used. However, it is always possible to enter any expression / word in the field on Work Order, Customer or Plant, even if you have suggested content in the field.

How to create Custom fields:

  1. Log in with the admin account.
  2. Normally you end up on that page Group settings when you log in with the admin account. If not enter the group’s settings by clicking on the group’s name in the heading.
  3. Under Module settings you find several options. Click the function you want to add custom fields to: Edit work order settings, Edit customer settings or Edit facility settings.
  4. Click + Add Custom Fields. Image 1.
  5. Enter the title you selected for the field.
  6. Select whether the field should appear in the list and / or be visible to the customer. For Work Orders, you can also select whether the field should be visible for Subgroups.
  7. Fill in any Suggestions for the field.
  8. Under View settings, there are more options to check, such as “Include custom fields in PDF”. Image 3.

Image 1: Here you see an example of editing a Custom field.
Image 2: Here you see a custom field called SPECIAL INFORMATION in a Work order.
Image 3: View settings in Edit work order also effects the custom fields on PDF-prints.