Under the Service menu you will find Agreements. Here you create your agreements, generate sales orders, set whether invoices are to be auto-generated, upload documents linked to the agreement etc.

On the start page for Agreements, you can create new agreements, see a list of existing agreements and edit them, as well as export / download a list of agreements.

The start page with the list of agreements views:

  • The name of the agreement
  • Counterparty to the agreement
  • Eventual facility
  • Eventual service object
  • Previous invoice date
  • Next invoice date. Marked in red as the next invoice date approaches.

Start by posting your contract variants as articles in the Article Register. All orders, service protocols, service objects and models linked to the agreement are then listed under that article.
Here are some examples of how our customers name their contract articles: Quarterly service agreements, Apartment rental agreements, Standard agreements, L-1020, A-01

When there is an agreement with the invoice date approaching, you see it through a red! in the menu, so you do not miss sending invoices / generating sales orders.

The different fields for a new agreement.


Choose a name for the agreement. Suggest something that describes what type of agreement it is. This is a mandatory field.


Enter the customer’s name in the box or click on the magnifying glass in the search box to search in more detail. Good if you have many customers with the same name!

The search function helps you find the right existing customers.
If the customer is not on the list, enter the customer’s name, and the customer is automatically added to the Customer Register.


The search function helps you find the customer’s existing facilities. If the system is not in the list, enter the name of the system, and the system is added automatically.


Enter the date for the start date of the agreement.


Enter the date for the end date of the agreement.

Invoicing period

Enter billing interval, eg 3 months.

If the agreement does not apply to a service object, you can fill in the next three fields.
Discount articles

Here you enter discounted items for the agreement. These replace the prices of the items when used in orders.


Here you enter items to be invoiced each time period. Usually a fixed amount in the form of an article support agreement or the like.


Articles included in the agreement. These can e.g. be support time. Example: 5 hours of item support time. When the agreement generates a sales order, this number is checked automatically and any exceedance of the number is invoiced.

Add a Service object

Here you connect the service object or objects that may be included in the agreement. For each service item, you specify items, such as those that are to be discounted, included and / or invoiced.

You get the list of your service objects. If the service object is not in the list, click on + Add service object and fill in information about the new service object.

Included per counter

For Service objects, it is also possible to add conditions for a counter in the agreement. Here you enter items that are included per counter.
Example: an agreement for a copier includes 1000 pages of color and 1000 pages of black and white.


Once you have saved the agreement, you can choose to:

  • Generate sales order. You will be forwarded to the Sales Order and can from there send to your accounting program.
  • Upload document
  • Set to autogenerate invoice

Automatic generation of agreements

The generation of the agreement takes place at the interval that you specified. What is generated then is what is written under “invoiced” on the agreement.

Example: is invoiced every quarter, ie every 3 months. Then a fee of SEK 500 / month is invoiced for 3 months ahead. Then we have:
License fee 500: – x 3 = 1500: – for one (1) user.

Also listed:

  • Uploaded documents
  • Generated sales orders
  • Work orders performed during the contract period
  • Services performed during the contract period

Export a list of agreements
Ladda ner/exportera lista

Click on the Export/Download symbol and a csv file on all current agreement will be created.

Do you want to include other or additional information in the export – contact us!

Information to administrators

User permissions concerning agreements:

View, Edit, Create, Delete, Generate sales order, Remove uploaded files