Create account for customer

Customers can sign in to the service system to keep track of what is being done. A customer who is invited is bound to that customer’s service orders, work orders, service objects and facilities. Just like with regular users in the system, rights for customers can be set. If one e.g. wants the customer to be able to sign in and make operating time readings on their service objects, see documents / files uploaded to the order, self-checks, these rights can be granted to the user. Unlike regular users, you do not need administrator rights to change them, but only the right to change customer rights.

Unlike regular users, customer users can also be allowed facilities or unattached objects. (Unattached objects are service orders, work orders and service objects that are not linked to a facility.) In this way, you can invite several users and assign them to their specific facility.

The customer can write their own and respond to comments on “their” orders. Assigned technicians receive a notification when a comment is posted by the customer.

How to create a user account for a customer:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Register > Customer.
  3. Find the customer you want to give access in the list, either through the search function or by scrolling down.
  4. Press the customers name.
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and open the Add-dropdown. Click on Create customer user.
  6. Fill in a username. It must be a valid email address.
  7. Click Create user.
  8. Select permissions for the user and save the changes. The user has no permissions until the savings.

The user receives the account information sent to them via e-mail.

You can see which customer users a customer has by going to the customer in the Customer Register. Customer users are listed under the heading Users. Click on the username to change permissions or delete for deleting the customer user.

Create login box for customers with your own logo.

Create a sign in box for your customers by adding your company name (change the xxx in this address to your group/company name): The logo is retrieved from your page with group settings. Put the link on your website.

Aveios inloggningsruta för kundanvändare
Here an example from Aveio Support – Kundportal