Customer register

A customer is what binds the service system together and contains everything from facilities to service protocols.

The customer contains a name and a unique customer number. The customer number is used for connection with accounting software and to be able to easily distinguish customers. To link customers from this system to others it’s recommended that you use the same number here as in those systems. The customer number can only be changed afterwards by the administrator. See more under Information for administrators.

To upload an existing customer register, see the page Upload registers.

How to add a customer:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Register> Customer.
  3. Press the button with the + sign to the right of the search box.
  4. Fill in the required fields.
    • Search and select any discount letters. Put the cursor in the field and all entered discount letters will be listed.
    • Under the headings Service Articles and Work Order Articles, articles are added that are added automatically when the customer is selected in the service or work order. For example, a fixed cost for travel can be added according to agreement with the customer. Technicians on site thus do not need to keep track of what is to be entered for the specific customer.
    • The customer has support for three different addresses; Invoice Address, Visiting Address and E-mail Address. To add the latter two, use the “+ Add visiting address” and “+ Add mail address” buttons.
    • The customer can have several contacts and you add these by pressing the “+ Add a person of contact” button. When a contact person is added, the selection for “Send service protocol” and “Send work orders” can also be made. If this button is checked, the service protocol and/or work order is sent to the contact person’s email address when the “Send protocol” button is used on a service protocol.
    • You can also enter tax reduction information for a tenant-owner association.
    • Comments you write in the comments field are not displayed to a logged in customer.

5. When you are done, press the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the new customer.

How to add an order, error report, etc. to the customer
  1. Find the customer and click on the customer name.
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click the Add button.

All orders, error reports, quotations etc. are listed on the customer. You can sort the lists by clicking on the headings in the lists. If you have more than 10 in a list, click View all to be able to sort the list.


All changes made to the customer are listed here.


Deactivating a customer means that the customer cannot be selected for new orders, but all executed orders remain and can be tracked.


By Assigning a technician to a customer, all orders will automatically be placed on this technician. Click Assign and all techniques will be listed in groups.

Information for the administrator

Log in with the admin account.

Change customer number

A customer number can only be changed afterwards by the administrator. Find the customer in the register and click on the Change button at the bottom.

Group settings – Module settings – Edit customer settings

There are a lot of settings that can be made for the Customer register.

  • Customer number min length
  • Customer number max length

Group settings
  • Automatically generate the next customer number
    The system automatically adds a customer number when you add a new customer.
  • Include customer number in the display name.
    The customer number is visible above the customer name in list views, for example in the register of customers and before the customer number in list views for orders.
  • Show the facility name instead of the customer in list views.
  • Show cost center fields (also applies to orders)
    The field is added to the customer card and orders linked to the customer.
  • Show order number (also applies to orders)
    Displays the customer’s order number.
  • Require customer’s order number on orders.
    Orders can not be saved without entering the customer’s order number.

View settings
  • View service items
    Displays the service items you have placed on the customer.
  • View work order items
    Displays the work order items you have placed on the customer.

Custom fields

Based on your needs you can create your own fields for customer information – Custom fields. In the customer post a custom field will appear in the header beneath the field Discount letter. Read more about Custom fields.

Permissions for users who affect the customer register

View, View (Only) Assigned, Edit, edit (Only) Assigned, Create, Delete, Upload, Create Customer Users, Change Customer Users Rights, Delete Customer Users, Assign, Delete Uploaded Files.

Assign technician

With the Assign permission, you can select a user (technician, etc.) as responsible for the customer. You do this either by entering to the customer in the register, scrolling to the bottom and clicking Assign
or by selecting list view (button with three white lines, marked with an arrow in the image below) in the customer register, click on the gear and select Assign in the list.
A menu with all users in the group opens. Select user and click Done. A notification is sent to the user with the information that he has been assigned to a customer.

The user will now automatically be assigned and receive notification of all orders and bug reports that affect the customer. However, the customer is not notified.

To remove the technician from a customer, remove the click out of the checkbox in the list of users. A notification is sent to the user that he/she is no longer assigned to the customer.

To further connect a customer and a technician, you can go to the integration settings for Visma, for those of you who use that system.

Sign in with your admin account, click Add integrations under Group settings.
Click on “Add assigned in our reference.”